Today, I walked into a gathering and just as I was about to get myself together, my eyes fell on this gentle young man. He was buff ( my kind of buff). He was dressed casual with a gold chain that dangled down his warm honey skin. He was clean shaven and had ice in his eyes. By just staring at him, I could imagine the beautiful children we would have playing freely in our cool garden just beside a blue pool, with me cuddled up in his arms in a distance. We would be happy! He was the last piece of puzzle I searched for.. BUT!

What will happen when the heavy rain comes tumbling down and waves washing Abroad?  Will I be able to look at him and his ice piercing stare and feel everything will be Okay?  I mean is this guy my man, my perfect Fit?  How Compactible would we Be?

Now that should be the first question everyone should ask before dreaming about the perfect relationship  or jumping into one. We all have that list we keep under our pillows or that mental list we go over again and again..
” 1) the guy must be 5.5feet tall
     2) he should be handsome and cool who drives the latest ride…” and so on.
For the guys it will be something like this
” 1) she should be beautiful
   2) she should be a great cook,  good in bed and Oh!  No pot bellies…”

Why don’t we write he or she should be compactible with Me?
We are just carried away with looks and how good he or she will be to flaunt on Dps’, Instagram and social media- ” bae is the best” or “my boo is better than yours”.. I personally don’t buy the idea of showing off your relationship on social medias, am not saying ‘Don’t!’ But put a lid to it.

So how would you know if your man or woman is your perfect fit?

1) He would take note of the less significant things.. (at least they are to you). He would love your smile and understand you fiddle with your fingers or talk fast when you are nervous or worried, he will know you are conscious of your feet but will tell you he loves them like that..
  For the guys, she will listen to you and would trust you. She wouldn’t have a problem with you spending time with the guys even when she wants you all to herself. She would know the right time to surprise you with a cooked  meal and the right words to say and cheer you up when you are not in the mood.

Lisa Steadman said “As women and men we know what we want him/ her to look like; maybe we even have a mental list, We need to scrap the looks list through, and write this down: How do I want love to feel?”

How do you want love to Feel?

To be continued..



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