I feel something ..
Deep deep deep down in my heart.
It’s so deep words cannot start to describe it.
Have you ever felt that Way?
I spend every passing second filling up the vacuum,
Or at least I try, I hope for a refill that I don’t know how to get.
Can you fill this empty space ??
The strongest mountain as hard and firm needs a little water.
As got together and strong as I seem, all I need is a warm heart.

Time has passed by,
Months has sipped away days,
The rain has fallen, the storm has ended.
The cracks on the walk path are visible once again.
Yet I sit and wait , longing for the next time I shall see the dark cloud and rain again.
Yes the storm was hard, I have found normalcy in it.
It has been an endless watch, I will watch no more!
Just then, as I walked Down the path, a little drop of rain slipped out of heaven into the cracks…
The is HOPE!!
Once more a tear slipped out of my eyes. It has been a while.
More tears now.. or is it Rain? Both!
I am drenched yet happy, the raging storms are around yet I have found peace within
There is HOPE!



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