Classy Tuesday : My story


When I was a little girl, just starting to know who I was and yet to get in touch with my feminity, I always hated the clothes my mum picked out for me.
  I always thought ” Gosh this cloth is hideous” or “it’s too big” but my mum always chose the exact opposite of what I wanted.
One day, I voiced out my mind and she said “Fine!  Pick out what you want to wear today”
I was so happy and excited, I was determined to be the hottest at the birthday party we were going for.
I quickly rummaged through my drawer, spilling all the clothes out and searching for the hottest, skimpiest outfit I had.
Guess what I Wore? 😁:D
My mum walked into the room just when I was admiring myself in the mirror and laughed till her soft round body shook.

“You can’t wear your swimming trunk and Sunday shoes to the birthday sweety”

“What?”I Thought!  “wasn’t I looking Beautiful?  What was the difference? church outfit, swimming trunk.. They were all clothes Right?”
I didn’t understand the logic behind choosing the right clothes to wear to the right occasion..
Years Later,  I still didn’t know how to choose my clothes,  I  graduated from having  mum’s help to my elder sister’s help when I discovered my mum still bought me gowns with matching caps and bags at the age of 15.
I was about entering the university when I discovered I could not take my elder sister with me or show her my wardrobe through a video chat every morning for the right cloth to wear for lectures.

I had to learn to trust myself. I had to research and i had to know what was fitting on me and what wasn’t.  I would not  say I got it right at first but all I can say now is you wouldn’t catch me wearing my swimming trunk and Sunday heels to a cocktail party…
This is what classy Tuesday is all about.. fashion and fashion tips to get through a simple beautiful and elegant life.

#Quote: Remember you will be addressed by how you are dressed.
See you next Tuesday…



4 thoughts on “Classy Tuesday : My story

  1. I am the elder sis ryt? Hahahahaa nice write up charmant…keep it up! I actually can’t wait till Nxt Tuesday. Am ur judge Jury u watching and reading too *wink*

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