The fire flies are out tonight.  They play in circles like little children around the night burn fire. thinking about burn fires,  we met right in front of one during the local celebration.  I thought you were very local however very cute that night. You made me laugh and just before I blew out  the candle light, I found my self blushing at the corner of my grand mothers hut.
That is one distinct thing about you.. you make me blush, laugh and forget about the troubles of the day..

Who are You?  A Saviour?  My Saviour? You are more.. my Hero!

Hmm! Hero you are indeed.  I remember when you helped me carry my pot of water when some troublesome girls poured the first one on my way back from the stream. And the day you carried Me? I felt like a distressed princess who had finally found her prince in a shiny amour.

Companion! whenever you were beside me, I felt like a castle standing strong.  Even when the world turned against me and everyone I loved were Gone, knowing you were there was comfort.

Ow! how you whispered sweet romance in my ear as dawn approached every morning. I still hear your voice you know, and I still smell the sweet pancakes you make every morning for me.

My love and life. You have been gone for 25 years but I still wake up feeling it was yesterday.. don’t worry I am not sad or broken, the 45 years we lived together is more than eternity. Our great grand children are around. ow they look so beautiful.. I can see your eyes in theirs.
   I love you.. endlessly

A short story of an 85 year old woman who goes to her husband’s grave to talk about her day.

True love never dies, true love gives no excuse, it doesn’t betray, it doesn’t hurt.



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