Jamie carter is the love of my life. She’s the reason I am the way I am. It’s been five years since I first laid my eyes on her and I’ve loved her even more!
She’s my daughter,my gem!
She makes me the woman I am, a stronger woman. Let me take my time to introduce her. A young lover of God, a wild cat(hardly ever cute). An energetic talkative,a girl with crazy hazel eyes. Boy! My girl is beautiful! Am blessed with her.she makes my life a wonder.
I smile as I watch her little legs climb the stairs for the podium. I want to melt.tears sting at the back of my eyes and I put my hands over my nose.thankful that the tissues are handy in my bag I’m trying not to hold my breath. “Ooh Jamie.” I whisper quietly. She’s so small, so beautiful. I don’t say that cos she’s my daughter but cos she truly is. I can tell it’s the biggest day of my life for her five years on earth.
She makes me proud.
A thousand people or maybe more are here and would listen to my girl speak. A wave rushes down my spine… I can’t be nervous for Jamie.
It’s gonna be aired on several stations. Mr.carter, my husband comes to mind. I quickly reach for my phone and send him an email to watch our gem on her first public speech. He replies immediately telling me that his world is on hold for her. I smile.
Silence falls over the auditorium after the applaud and cheers. I press my legs together and I realize I was unconsciously biting my lip. She smiles. That familiar smile I’ve been accustomed to over the years. Then she breathes into the mic and my heart skips. I want to jump and run to her but I sit still and press my leg harder, blowing air to ease my tension.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and to every child present” her childish but bold voice fills the auditorium. The hall murmurs the greetings in return and I can see pleased smiles on everyone’s face.

“It’s a wonderful day today and I’m happy to be up here. Up here to talk about domestic violence.”

Jamie is too smart. Not many children could do this.
“Domestic violence.” Her voice relaxes

“my home makes me who I am. My father and mother.”

At that moment I squeamish. “Watching my parents fight, argue or hit each other can change me. Make me worse off. And I’m grateful they don’t.”
Laughter fills the hall and I giggle. Memorizing her speech had been a tough task so watching her speak with emotions so real I want to clap so hard.

” a lot of children are depressed, going through a rough childhood and this is because parents do little to show love to themselves. It changes the child, their mindset making them see life from a dark side. Domestic violence is responsible for some wayward children, children with low self esteem, suicide and death of women.”

I want to believe she understands what she is saying because it is way way beyond her.

“I am strong because my parents can handle their differences. I’m strong because I know love flows from daddy and to mummy and to me. I believe I’m safe and I can trust. What about others who can’t say same? What life are they leaving?” Her eyebrow furrows and her smile is sad.

“I stand here to plead with parents worldwide to put a stop to domestic violence. A little reciprocation of love is enough to make great children with great futures. Thank you Africa and the world at large.”

She a miles and takes a bow! I’m ecstatic, in cloud nine.
There at once everyone stands and applauds my gem! My pride!
A standing ovation?! Her first!
I’m beyond this world. I clap so hard forgetting my hurting palm. Tears slide down as I watch her walk gracefully down the podium with an ever loving smile that set sparks in the room. Camera lights are flickering and I’m so sure she’d grace the papers tomorrow.
I’m screaming. I want the world to know she’s mine. I can’t believe she did say all that without stuttering or forgetting. My insides are doing a happy dance.
I’m blessed. Ooh…what did I ever do to deserve her? I try to imagine my husbands face. I’m thankful to God for the gift of family.
“Is that your daughter?” A lady asks beside me and I hadn’t realized I was screaming her name as mine. I nod happily. ” aww…she’s awesome”
With that a few others turn In my direction and I get a few  minutes of fame. Thank you Jamie for being part of my life. You are surely my girl and mummy loves the hell out of you.
  Beautifully written by Imaobong Nkan.
God bless!

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