Style! What is your Style? But first of all,  lets go back to the basic. Style is the manner you do or present something especially in a fashionable way.
Now,talk about the efforts you make in presenting a slide show to get your marks or serving a meal to impress your guest that is the same way you should put a lot of interest and commitment in the way you present yourself.
Your style goes a long way in describing who you are. Let me explain better. During my last holiday, I was out with my elder brother and then we ran into this lady who was on the big side, like she was really big and she was wearing a body-con gown. Her folds where showing everywhere, i thought the fabric will rip. If i remember clearly, it was cream in colour and didn’t go well with her dark skin and neither did the shoe she wore. The moment i saw her it sent a wrong message.
So the first step in looking good is understanding your body and wearing what suits you best. Remember decency is all that matters.
Secondly, choose your style! Be Your own fashion designer, BE CREATIVE ! You can go with the trend but bear in mind that not all the styles in the trend will fit you. Select what works best for you. Wear clothes that will make you confident and free not restricted and self conscious.


   That will be all for today, see you next week Tuesday

Quote: “You will be addressed by the way you are dressed”



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