Picking up the broken pieces
Was it love or foolishness?
Love doesn’t hurt does It?
So why does this Hurt?
Why does letting go seem impossible.
I once asked all these questions.
Even more…
Why are we fashioned to desire what isn’t Ours?
To love someone who doesn’t feel same in Return or to be loved by someone we don’t care for.
Why is life so ironic ?
I haven’t figured out the perfect answers but just these:
If it didn’t work then it wasn’t Right!
Live each day and focus on one thing,
HAPPINESS! Stay happy and whole with yourself.
Love completes, love strengthens..
Love Builds!
Love shatters the hard soil of hate and worry, to grow peace and elation.
Think! If you feel this way about anyone without doubt or hesitation, hold on.
If you find love,  bask in the Euphoria.

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