Fashion fashion fashion !!!


“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them” a quote by pepe jeans London. After deep thoughts, I realised something my sister always told me when we went shopping. She always said ” it is not about how fancy it looks but how it would fit you” I always ignored her statement and went for the fancy, glittering stuff but I couldn’t deny the fact that I always loved the things my sister bought for me rather than what I bought for myself because somehow I wore them well. When I saw this picture, I remembered all my sister told me and it made perfect sense.
Now my advice to you : Don’t wear it because it was designed by the best designer and because Rihanna wore it to the music awards. Wear what would speak ‘YOU’. What would sell You!  Like i said before, “your dressing will speak for you”. Remember  “you will be addressed by how you are dressed.”



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