Darkness Without


My eyelids lifted to the reality of more darkness.
How, did I get Here?  So many questions running to and fro the corridor of my mind.
I tried to think, tried to remember but a failed attempt.
Pain and hurt mixed up to my emotional despair.
I tried to scream, I tried to call for help
I was lost, never to be found. The enclosement entrapping me with every passing second.
Sweat beads  dripping down the curve of my face.
All I had was the comforting hope that love will find me and pull me back into its embrace and light.
Then it hit me! My memories flooding back to my consciousness.
It was love that got me here in the first place.
Sweet words, electrifying touch, enticing kiss and romance.
The promise of an unending love, I was a fool for.
He never loved me enough, never really loved me, maybe not at all.
The thorny darkness, is now a comfortable bed on which I relish the taste of the painful truth.

Photocredit: http://angelarankin.com/



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