Love letter to Jesus

A late post from chritmas. I wrote this letter for Jesus on my birthday (our birthday) and read it out in church. Alot of people were blessed to the glory of God. So I decided to share the letter here as well. Enjoy


Dear father and friend,
As natural as it was to know my name,  I knew I was born on this day (Christmas).
I didnt really know what it meant except that I shared my birthday with a really special man who came to die for the world that crucified him.
But I know better now.

People call you saviour but you are more than that to me.
You are father, friend, my strength, the shoulder I cry on and my pillow at night
The popular yoruba song “oba ti ki e sun, oba ti ki e re” it only describes you as the God that never sleeps nor slumbers.. but what about the God that is king all day long and night, the God that conforts every moment, provides, protects…
I am in awe!

You knew my name before I was formed,
You died for me before I knew you and you designed me in your own image.
But that was not all, you named me grace and unini (Love) after you because you are gracious and you are loving.

I know you will not eat out of our special birthday cake so here is my romance.

“Sweet Jesus..
My heart beats for you. You are the handsome personality that send chills up my back, I am undone in your presence.
My hope, my past, present and future…
Thank you for giving my life meaning.
I love you endlessly so a big Happy birthday Jesus, you are indeed the joy of the world.”
                       With all love and joy,
                       Unini. Your daughter.


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