Who can take the place of a father?
Or the warm hugs, kind smile and stern face telling you you, “you are wrong! Be better”
What can take the place of a father’s love?
Or how he tells you he loves you right back and how he misses yhun.
Oh yeah! There is nothing like a father’s love.
Jesus acknowledged his father when he was on earth and we also do when we look up to heaven with raised hands, crying abba father.


There is nothing like the love of a father.
I know this because I have got the best father in the whole world and I am not just saying this because everyone does but my dad?
He is the reason I want to be better..
His sacrifices for my siblings and i are the reasons why we cannot fail.
I know it is not easy to put someone before yourself but I have lost count on the number of times he has done that.
You might say “so what? That is his job” but he is human and can as well say so what? But all he does is love, care and encourage us all.


Daddy, we love you so much.
The mountains can fall and the sea roar.
The rain might sieze to fall or the sun seize to shine but we will always love you.
You are so amazing, so always know that each one of our success and accomplishment is done to honour you and God.
So, is there any love like a father’s love?

With love and appreciation, your children



2 thoughts on “A Father’s Love: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Woow sis this is sooo nice… and I can attest to it all daddy is priceless…. I celebrate him not just today but always..i love u dad

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