Listening to “thinking out” loud by Ed Sheehan got me thinking

What exactly is love
Is it a joyful feeling you crave
That gets you intoxicated
Is it contagious
Or just an art you can be adept in

Does it make you a Polaris
Or it’s just mundane
Is it overrated
Or it’s just an illusion
Is it real
Or just a fantasy
Is it an experience
Or just a phase everyone goes through

Is it a mystery like tomorrow
Or just a buzz you get
Does it make you happy and genuine
Or just like like an outlaw
Does it make you vulnerable
Or flawless and in control
Does it make you happy and tingle
Or sad and irritated

I’m sure one way or the other, we have all in our twisted ways asked, but!!
Is there really a perfectΒ  answer , just thinking.

By Ajayi Boluwatito ( a beautiful writer and my dear friend)


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