Kinds of Ladies You Find In A Wedding Reception

I just read this post and it got me laughing. Read and comment about what you think. I think its all very true.

living the life

Wedding is a special day for everyone, most especially the ladies, if you have ever looked closely at the female guests in a wedding reception you would have come across one of these kind of people……

1. Those Who Came To Catch The Bride’s Flower
There is a myth that any lady who catches the bride’s flower will definitely get married in a matter of days….. Weeks…….. Months…….. Years??? I don’t still know the mystery behind this. Has it worked for anyone?

2. Those On The Verge Of Getting Married- They Came To Learn Some More
Their purpose for coming is to learn more on how to “spice up” theirs.

3. Those Who Came To Be Sought For
You see them looking at you like “It could be me and you o”…Like Asa, …be gone..  and John Legend’s …. All of me

4. Those Who Came To Criticize.
Their eyes…

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