A mother, A treasure!


Happy mother’s day.
I woke up to a beautiful day with no idea that it was Mother’s day. I dont think I have ever known the date, however I always go with the crowd. Today was no different as I found myself looking for the most recent and beautiful picture of my mother to show off to the world that ” I am that lucky girl that got the best mum”.
Scrolling up and down my BBM timeline, I have seen different pictures of mothers with everyone saying “I love you mum” or “best mum in the world”
  All these just got me wondering, “why today?”


  Why must people have a specific day to recognise their mothers? I mean, what happened to the remaining 364 days of the year that we dont put up their pictures and recognise their endless love? I know I am guilty of this as well which brings me to the question WHY?


  Loving and appreciating our parents; mothers in this case, should be a daily routine.  Visit them, call, say how much you love and appreciate them right before you end the call, pick up groceries for them, buy a new scarf or a shoe.  Say “why dont you rest while I do the gardening for you”… Do something significant to honour and appreciate mothers because  their nurturing doesnt stop at breast feeding and changing diapers, they will pick up the phone whenever you call and rush right down to pat your back in the middle of the night.


In other words, a day is not enough to recognise our parents (or mothers). Do it everyday, love them everyday  because a mother’s love is irreplaceable,  incomparable and immeasurable.

For my mother
You are amazing
And I love you with all my heart. I am not just saying this because it is Mother’s day.. I really do love you.
I love the fact that you pray for me always.
I love when I call you and you finish my credit asking so many questions, even though I complain, I love every bit of it.
I love the fact that I look so much like u and even though I tease you alot, and we sometimes quarrel, I cherish every one of those moments.
I love eating out of your plate of food, and I love the fact that I wash my hands everytime because you taught me to do so.
The reason I always wear your clothes is not just because you have beautiful clothes but because I know one day I will fit into them just like you do.
Thank you for being the person you are and for your endless love.
I am anxious for your warm embrace again! Counting the weeks till I return from school.
I love you:)😚😭

My mum and I



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