The centrality of Love


Everyday I keep learning new facts about love.
Today, I learnt the centrality of Love. You see, no matter the situation, love is always the center of it all. How?
You forgive others because of Love, you give for love, work hard for Love… everything boils down to love, whether love for others or love for self, love of money or love for material things, its all love.
What is hate? Hate is the absence of love..Obsession is a crazy Love. Its Still ‘Love’.

Today I watch a movie “The Host” and even though the movie was about aliens occupying the body of humans, Melony was able to fight her possessor and control Wander because of the love for her family.
What about Divergent?  Love story.
John wick: He went after all those people because he lost his wife whom he loved so much and the puppy she left behind for him.
Taken: all three parts, the actor kept fighting because of the love for his daughter and wife.
About last night, half of a yellow sun, pompeii, alot like Love,  barefoot, Annie, frozen, warm bodies, maleficent, suits, Banshee, beauty and the beast,  vampire diaries, originals, scandal, revenge, arrow… I could go on and on.

All I am trying to say is that all movies, novels, poems, songs etc evolves around love, because love is central. “It is the greatest force in existence”
What could we possibly do without Love?

NB: If u know about any film you have watched that has no content of love pls comment the title below. Thank you and thank you for reading.


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