Life cannot fully be understood but I believe this beautiful writer did justice to it. I hope you Enjoy it as much as I did.


Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but it’s been a long week.

So this poem I posted below is my first actually😆, I wrote it seven years ago😎. So please enjoy the read.

Life isn’t a bed of roses as the saying goes,

Some say life is precious,

but I think it’s all about time management.

Somehow, it’s an experience, most times it’s a challenge.

Life is like a tree you plant and you watch it grow.

Like a river from the source, you know how it flows.

When life is in control, you are feeble

When you are in control, you are responsible

When both are in control, you are incredible

Live life, it has no measure

Plan life, it has no pressure

Love life, greatest of all treasure. 👍

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