My 7days Bible verse challenge (day 1)

So I was nominated for a 7days scriptural challenge by thank you Yemisi and I accept this challenge.


For as many that are faithful readers of my blog, I am certain you have observed that I write about love. Love stories,  love poems… it all centers around love! And the reason is not just because my name Unini- translates to Love but because it is a four lettered word that has captured my heart and I enjoy studying about this love.
The Bible also describes God as love, which made me more curious about the uniqueness of Love.
During one of my bible studies, I came across a scripture in Isaiah 54:10, it says

” For even if the mountains walk away
and the hills fall to pieces,
My love won’t walk away from you,
my covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart.”
The God who has compassion on you says so.” – msg translation

This verse got me thinking about the love of God that is nothing like our humanly love.  His love is reassuring! I have had my share of hurts and disappointments from people I thought loved me but reading this verse I had a new peace, one that overwhelmed me and gave me a new understanding that even though people’s love will fail, God’s love would not. As sure as we are about the immobility of a mountain, God’s love is more reassuring. So no matter the number of times you have been hurt or disappointed,  read this love note from God and feel the peace of his undying love.
Thank you

I norminate my two wonderful friends Nicole: and Tito: for this bible verse challenge. Help share the word of God.


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