Crazy Bitch!

Now that’s a warning!
Don’t dare a crazy bitch. If you are now, get it all screwed up before she screws you up.
I was there once and I guess that’s why six months after I’m up on on four with several nuts missing from my brain.
Yea it was that bad.
Estella, her name gives me goose bumbs. I fell in love at first  sight. Dang! She is fine and beauty endowed. Aww, she was so sweet and how was I to know? how was i to know the next nine months of my life was going to be hell thanks to coy voice, batting lashes and pouty luscious lips.
Had I known!
Our relationship kicked off really nice and smooth, I was head o’er heels and somehow I was too sure she was gonna be my wife, the mother of my kids, my companion… The list endless and I could go on and on.
The little signs began to creep in when she moved in and duplicated the keys before letting me know, eating expensive romantic dates all by her self and making me pay, employing a house keeper on my cash and worse off changing my whole interior decor on my expense with PINK,TEDDYS, FLUFFS AND COLOURS, COLOURS, COLOURS…
Now that was easy to take in, I only had to convince myself I loved her so much that even her faults didn’t matter so much. Not until two months ago, I had just returned from my ever tiring work having in mind to eat if she cared to prepare dinner, have a shower and go straight to bed. Getting home,my-always-pouting girlfriend is sitting bitchily on her favorite fluffy pink couch, her big ugly teddy bear cuddled in her hands. I swear under a frustrated breath and roll my eyes secretly and feign concern even when she doesn’t greet me or rush to get my jacket or briefcase.
“Honey what’s wrong?” I almost choke thanks to faux concern. She looks at me, big lips pouted! Oh no! Trouble! I rush to her side “are you okay?”
“No!” Then she bursts into a disturbing wail, place her head on my shoulder and goes ahead to soil my shirt in tears.
I blink hard, trying to register what just happened. A few minutes after her tears she withdraws and looks into my eyes. “Tamar, is at the edge of divorce. Her husband is threatening. He needs an heir from her.”
I nod severally ” so… Is that why you are crying…”
She pouts again this time the disappointed kind “Tamar is my sister! Her pain is mine!”
“I’m sorry.” I say through gritted teeth. “So u were saying?”
“Tamar can’t loose her position so I came up with an idea.”
Now I’m so angry, I can’t understand how her idea has anything to do with me! Except for the fact that Tamar is a really beautiful lady.
“Won’t you ask?” She hits my head.
“Oh what is the idea?” Oh…I really hate this.
She curls in to me, her eyes never leaving mine. ” please tell me you’ll accept this preposition. We came up with the idea that you should sleep with her!”
What! I jump up, my heart racing endless miles. See she’s a crazy bitch.
“Hell no! Estella I can’t believe you…”
She interrupts me “oh please! This is my sister we are talking about here. She would lose everything if she doesn’t give him a child.”
“Are you insane! Stark raving mad? Why would even consider such.”
She bats her eyes and pokes her lips like a spoilt five year old. “Please…baby you can.”
I know fumes are escaping from all the openings of my body. “Do you even love me!”
Now that was it, I guess I was stupid enough to fall for her pleas, thanks to ESTELLA’S whims and caprices.
Tamar.. I did it after all I accepted It. But luckily enough Tamar on the other hand is a sweet girl and I’m sorry we are actually in love. It’s complicated especially now that Estella is jealous and Tamar is married. Would you believe the lengths Estella has gone to avenge my undying love for Tamar? That’s what she wanted, she pleaded and I gave in. I hadn’t meant to fall in love with Tamar but she is God sent.
I’m without a car, frozen bank accounts and just two days ago a smelling concoction was poured on me…courtesy Estella.
The little cunt!
I’m sure she’d do more. Now what about Tamar? It’s a forbidden zone. I can’t let her go not with my three weeks fetus , something her old man couldn’t do. My life is screwed bit I’m in love and so is Tamar but this is bad, complicated and like Estella wanted, I’m screwed! The crazy bitch!

Beautifully written by my sweet friend Imaobong Nkan. :)😚


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