Day 6: The Greatness of our God


I particularly like that gospel song “How great is our God”. I think the lyrics were spirit inspired because the first verse said
“the splendor of our king,clothed in majesty,
  Let all the earth rejoice. 2×”

I have a very creative imagination and cannot but picture a magnificent king!
The truth is, no one can truly describe God, there is actually no one word to quantify him because he cannot be quantified.
I was studying my bible one day when I came across Isaiah 40:12-31.
I was marvelled at the descriptions of God, so powerful, so great so magnificent.
I tried to picture God as a big being who cannot be contained by a building but again I taught about how humble and peaceful he is. The two personalities didnt quite fit to me and I wondered if I truly knew God.
So do you know God?
I will leave you with that question?
But if you want to truly understand and know God, read his word and have a close relationship with him. Let him reveal himself to you. Note that your knowledge and understanding of who God is to you, will help build in you the right fear of God.
God bless you!



2 thoughts on “Day 6: The Greatness of our God

  1. Honestly I have never been disappointed by your post. I always wait to see what will contextualize the next post. Your writings are as interesting as the last drop of wine. I pray that God will increase you and make you His ball point.
    God bless you
    The finish line is a new beginning. What’s next after day seven?

    1. OMG! Thank you for reading and your comment! It is so encouraging and I am really delighted to see this. God bless you too and after day seven… hmm ! I will keep posting all I have learnt from God’s word. Thank you

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