Day 7: That life changing word- GRACE


I listened to scandal  of grace by hillsong  and the lyrics of the song, painted “grace ” as a scandalous act Jesus committed by taking our sins, condemnation and nailing it upon that cross so we could work out free.

Just imagine! Being condemned to die for an offence you know very well you are guilty  of and just before the firing squad shoots,  a man walks up and makes a deal: my life for hers  or his, Declaring  you free without a record of that crime.
I think it’s too good to be true but it is true.  That was exactly what Jesus did for us.  He took our place on that cross, took the beating and humiliation that was meant to be ours so we could be blameless. I don’t know about you but I can’t let such a person go.

Grace is simply undeserved favour, mercy or gift and it’s very true that seeing today was a gift because we didnt deserve to.
Bible tells us in John 8:1-11 about a woman who was about to be stoned but grace spoke up for her.Today that same grace is calling  out to you accept the call.
Do you feel unworthy to stand in God’s presence because you have killed,  lied,  sold your body or soul? Dont be afraid Jesus came for you.
Have you rejected God over and over again you think it is impossible to be accepted by him?  Grace is here! So don’t miss this opportunity. 
If you want to accept Jesus today as your saviour  say this prayer
” Father I know I am unworthy but by your grace and blood shed on the cross of Calvary I am redeemed, my shame has been taken away and with open heart I accept you as my Lord and personal saviour.  Come and take the wheels of my life and forgive me of my  past sins in Jesus name ” Amen!

Please do listen to
Scandal of grace by hillsong
Thank you Jesus by hillsong
Broken vessel  by hillsong

God bless.


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