My king


I have been unable to post something in a while not because of writer’s block but because exams have started here and we gotta get all those A’s. Today despite all odds, I made a decision to write something and it is about my king. My king, God/Jesus (which ever, they are 1.)
I had an exam which I was desperate to pass all because my assessment in that course was poor.  But on the day of the exams I came down with malaria.. I threw up in class.. It was *sigh* but an hour before the exam I was healed and I know it is an a paper. Then it came right back after the exam. This morning the same thing. The reason for this testimony is that God works in miraculous ways and his thoughts for us are higher than ours.  When reading my open heavens devotional, a sentence really got to me and it was: no matter the best plans I have for myself it is never better than the best plan God has for me”
Even if I am currently on my bed I know my king is working his healing on me. So to all those out there who are sick please hold on to God. He will heal you.


4 thoughts on “My king

  1. Jesus the Healer. Healing became available the moment Jesus gave up the ghost on the cross. Worthy is the lamb that was slain!

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