JUST THINKING: My thoughts and I #1


Once, there was a time I was the person you always wanted to see. I remember one time you came to see me immediately you got into town.
I was the girl you wanted to talk to,
The one you wanted to hug and laugh with.
The one you teased nonstop!
We chatted in the mornings and most times till late at night…
You always were the reason behind my smiles
And your very dry jokes were so hilarious to me.
It was so easy to converse, most times about stupid things or the future. Sometimes going round and round with “how are you, how is home, how is school, how are your friends…”  like I said so stupid but so normal and sweet.
What we had was real..
Or maybe it was all a Lie!
Was it Real?  Was it true and perfect to you as it was to Me?

    Sometimes when memories flood your mind, you’ll ask questions that might never be answered.


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