JUST THINKING : My thoughts and I #2


I some times imagine how it will play out if I had the opportunity to relive my high school days.
I know I was almost a geek with a gang of five female friends with whom we talked about a lot of stuffs. From boys to music to personal gossips down to books.. mostly books.  We prided in the high competition we gave ourselves academically.  I personally hated my pleated skirt because it never looked as good as it did on other girls. I tried starching,  oh yes I did and I got a close enough result but it was not as good.
I wasn’t the glasses wearing kind of geek, actually I think I was struggling with identity issues. Hahahahah!  I danced so well, hosted the best christmas / birthday party and said a lot of funny stuffs among my friends but i wasn’t the “hot chikalla”. I was also formal and “ambitious”
I always wanted deep down to be someone different. To be the popular girl, the one that was so beautiful that all the guys loved. I wanted to be the girl that had the cool quarterback as my boyfriend.  LOL! I think my fantasy prevented me from  fully enjoying high school. However if I had the opportunity to be that “fantasy me” I think I will still be the me I was. Looking back on those days, I am proud of the woman I am becoming because this woman is perfect in her unique/different way.
But there is always the place for curiosity and adventure.  Life is full of “ifs” so who knows who I would become if that opportunity presented Itself? 
……….Just thinking!


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