Versatile bloggers award

I got norminated by my friend and awesome blogger
Thank you for this nomination!
The rules are simple:
1) Thank and link the blogger that norminated you
2)  share seven facts about yourself
3) Norminate deserving bloggers


7 facts about  me
#1 My name is Unini Mosimabale
#2 I am a social “people-loving” person but  writing is a medium for me to say the things I won’t normally say.. my deep thoughts an imaginations
#3 I love my family
#4 I have the sweetest friends in the world
#5 I will be the best Human resource manager in the world 
#6 I am a sucker for love and anything love
#7 God is my everything and without Jesus I am nothing. We are a packaged deal you know. 

I hereby Norminate



3 thoughts on “Versatile bloggers award

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