Another shot at love

Remember Kunbi  and Kemi in “My last first love?” Well they are back in this new series… will things still be as complicated as they were 5 years ago?


“…ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! flight NG348  to Nigeria,  will be delayed for 15minutes due to a little technicality. We deeply apologise.”

Kemi glanced at her watch, gold pleated with diamond stones lining the inside. It was 1300hrs and she was getting  really anxious. Five years away from home was enough to send chills up her arms despite the thick Max brown coat she wore.  It was early December, the 11th to be precise  and all Kemi could think of was what this Christmas will be like. She would see her mum and dad again  not like she hadn’t seen them all through the five years, they had visited her a couple of  times in minnesota USA.
What excited her the most was the fact she would see Tracey her best friend who had Skyped  with her from the very day she got to US.. and kunbi?  Ow how that name still Brought chills and a churning feeling in her gut.
” I wonder how he is doing now? ” kemi thought as she looked at the jumbo screen  at the airport which showed boldly that her flight had been delayed. 
She sighed and Brought out her I – phone 6 which just started vibrating in her hand bag.
The caller ID showed that Jack was calling as well as a picture  from last summer at the lackside where he proposed to her. She said yes and he immediately picked her up and kissed her. That was when the picture was taken.
“Hello Babe I miss you already” he said immediately she picked the call.

Kemi caught herself giggling to his charming British accent “well let’s see” she began still giggling ” I might just damn Nigeria and come back to get a kiss from you again cos I miss you more”
“Ow baby just come back and we both will go to Nigeria next week”

“Argg” she winced  “tempting but we both agreed I go home first while you will come a week later”

” or we could just go together next week” Jack said convincingly.

” No baby please… We will see next week okay? in Nigeria!”

” alright! Are you boarding ?” He asked  with that sweet accent of his that made her toes curl.

” not yet. The flight was delayed by a few minutes…we will be boarding shortly”

” Okay love! Safe flight. Call me when you Get to Nigeria.”

” I will baby.”

” I love you so much my cheerie cake” Jack said before making kissing sounds over the phone

“Love you too” kemi said laughing.

As soon as she cut the call the announcement came informing  all passengers on flight NG348  to start boarding at gate 4.
She grabbed her bag as she walked up to the gate with her passport and flight ticket.
Once on the plane, Kemi look out the window as the plane took of. She stared at the landscape for a few minutes before shutting the window and her eyes.
Not only was she going to see her dad, mum and Tracey, she was also going to see Kunbi  after 5 years.  She felt the chills crawl up her back again. Could she still have feelings for him?
No! She slammed on the thought like she did over the years. “I love Jack  and after he meets my parents we will start planning our wedding.”
But first things first she had to get home.  She had to get back to Nigeria.

To be continued…

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