“Congratulations man!” Bill smacked Kunbi at the back.

“Thanks”  Kunbi  gave a weary smile and headed upstairs to his office while holding this glass of wine as he left the rest of the promotion celebration. His father had just officially announced that he was the next CEO  of the company  after he resigned.
He was very happy but felt it was wrongly timed. He was just promoted at the company he worked for. He knew he was going to head his dad’s company some day, however he wanted to make a name for himself outside his father’s wealth and connection.

Kunbi settled in his new office chair and twirled in it before he flipped open his Samsung note. He clicked his email and re-read the message he got from kemi four years ago.

” Hello, Kunbi!
I got your mail and I appreciate your concern however I am not angry with you. Common! you are my friend any day and anytime.  I am trying to get settled in here so I might not be able to reply your messages. Cheers!

That was all she said and since that mail he had sent a thousand others to her which  she never replied.
“How long will it take her to settle in?” he asked himself every time and will feel  the anger in him rise.  Even now he felt himself getting angry.

But it was all his fault.. He opened Facebook and clicked kemi’s profile.
She had not uploaded a new picture in a while but he still found himself looking at her last post. She was smiling ear to ear with a couple of friends at a concert.

“Ow kemi” Kunbi said gritting his teeth.  “it’s been 5 years.. please talk to me” he sighed before his phone began ringing.

He looked at it and looked away immediately he discovered it was only Chioma his girlfriend.
The phone rang a little more before he picked up the call..

‘Yeah?” Kunbi said

“Baby will I see you today?”

” No I will be working late” he replied even if he knew he wasn’t.

“I was hoping we would go for dinner you know, to celebrate  your promotion”

Kunbi shut his eyes in remose. Chioma was a nice girl trying to win his heart. He shouldn’t be hard on her because she wasn’t kemi

“How about tomorrow? I will take you to that restaurant you like okay.”

” alright baby” she replied happily. ” Love you”

” Love you too” Kunbi replied and hung up.

He was going to try and make his relationship this time work. Despite  others he had totally destroyed simply because none of them came close to Kemi. He was running crazy!

“Common man let’s head out” Bill said peeping through the door.

Kunbi  got gulped the rest of his wine and grabbed his suit jacket. But before he shot the door he did the only thing that kept him going all these years.  He prayed!

To be continued…



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