Another shot at love (part 3)


“Ow mum!” Kemi threw her arms around her mother once she stepped on the front porch of their house.

“It’s been a while baby” her mum brushed her hair back with her right hand

“Mum! It’s just a year”

“Yes I came to see you last year but that doesn’t count you know”

Kemi laughed gracefully before asking after her dad.

“He went for an evening  walk.” Her mum said as they both followed the driver who  carried kemi’s  boxes out of the car into the house.

“I called Tracey and she said she will be over within the hour”

“You did?” Kemi fiddled with the new painting on the wall

“Yes, you know she is doing so well…she is a human resource manager ” her mum said proudly

“Mum,” kemi laughed “I have kept in touch with Tracey. I know it all”

“Okay then but what about Kunbi?
Her mother asked as silence suddenly floated around them in the sitting room

” what about him?” Kemi asked trying to hide the tension that spiked in her the moment her mum called his name

“Have you kept in touch with him?”
Kemi was quiet again disliking the direction the discussion Was taking.

“Mum I just got back can we pick up this discussion  after I shower?”

“Fine!” her mum resolved  heading for the kitchen

Kemi could still feel the hairs on her arm stand as she pulled off her clothes to shower. What was wrong with  her? Kunbi is her past jack is her future she reminded herself trying to rid her conscience of the guilty that knocked hard.

“Baby girl… ”
She turned  and faced her best friend

“Tray!” She screamed before they were engulfed in a hug.

” Look at you all mature and even more beautiful” Tracey said admiring kemi.

“Oh stop it look at you tray” kemi said tightening the towel around her body. They both giggled and collapsed on the bed as different gists kept popping out.

Somewhere in the gisting and laughing Tracey brought up Kunbi’s  name.

” that boy loves you Kemi” we went to law school together and I watched him compare every girl to you. Please talk to him. ”

“Please” kemi rolled her eyes.

“I know he messed up back then but this new kunbi is all that, he is very dashing and he just needs your friendship okay?”

“please I want to shower” kemi said heading towards her bathroom door

“Okay missy. I know when a guy is in love and kunbi still loves you ” Tracey called after kemi before she shut the bathroon door.

Kemi turned on  the shower and let the warm water run down her face.
But despite the warmth of the water she still felt the chills..
Her heart was pounding against her chest now. she could no longer bottle up the desire to see Kunbi again so she let thoughts of him flood her mind as she enjoyed the feel of the water on her bare skin.

To continued….


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