Another shot at love part 4


Her mum and kunbi’s had totally set them up.

“Follow me to the mall was all you said mum” kemi grumbled, slouching on her sit beside her mum in their Ford jeep.

“Yes and we went to the mall”

“But you didn’t add that we were meeting kunbi  and his mum for lunch as well”

“Well, such unforeseen meetings happen once in a while” her mum defended sarcastically.

“But you both didn’t seem surprised to accidentally meet at the restaurant ” kemi faced her mum who only sighed

“Tell me you weren’t happy to see him even one bit”

” I wasn’t” kemi snapped but deep down she knew it was a lie.

She was carefully looking at the menu when she looked up and saw Kunbi’s mum and kunbi steadily behind her. Her breath caught in that moment not just because she was surprised to see him but because this kunbi she saw was dashingly Handsome with glittering fairness..His beards and moustache was carefully carved with a neat hair cut.
As he approached her, she caught his eyes, those eyes she had fallen for years ago. They were intense and with that same intensity they ravished her.

“Is this really you kemi” he asked and she noticed how different he sounded.

she giggled  softly before he wrapped her up in a tight embrace and let the embrace linger. She was certain she was not the only one that felt the hot passion and connection they share in that moment.
He was broad and strong. His arms wrapping her so swiftly she felt so small and safe. She had thought Jack was broad and manly just the way she liked but in Kunbi’s arms, Jack’s were nothing.

“Gosh!” She was comparing him with Jack already? With that she quickly released herself from the embrace. 

“How are you?”  She asked but caught the flash of disappointment on his face.

“I am fine” his smile quickly erasing the disappointment.
They talked steadily as they ate their lunch and as his mum got up to leave he took her phone and dialed his number so he got hers.

“I will call you” he said following his mum, his black suit thrown across the crips white shirt he wore on black pants and black shoe- definitely Christine louboutine as she noticed the red sole  while he walked away.
Now, as she sat beside her mum at the back seat of the car, their groceries tucked away in the boot, she played the whole scene over and over in her mind.

“Tracey was right kunbi was definitely dashing” she thought looking down at her own outfit. She was wearing a simple sleeveless peach  gown that hugged at her breast down to her waist and flarring from the waist Down to its length that stopped 2 inches above her knee.  She had on a zara basic sandals and packed her natural hair in a bon.
She only applied a light orange lipstick on her lip and darkened  her eyelids with her eyeliner and mascara.
“Simple enough for the mall but not bad to meet someone especially kunbi”
She smiled to herself as she silently awaited his call.
To be continued …



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