Another shot at love part 5


The weather was getting really cold. Kemi snuggled into her duvet just after she turned off the lights. She was ready to sleep and have the best night ever especially after kunbi called her for almost 30 minutes.
Their conversation was sweet and easy going filling the emptiness of the lost five years. Before he hung up, he asked if he could take her on a date on Saturday
“Just to talk and catch up” he said and she said yes.

She closed her eyes and yawned when her phone vibrated beside her. Jack was calling and she had almost forgotten he called  every night.

“How’s my  baby doing”

“She’s tired but doing great”

‘What did you do”

“Nothing much, just followed mum to mall” she said as her mind fluttered back to Kunbi. “But how was your day?” She added.

“Fantastic” he said, his British assent more pronounced.

“Let me allow my angel get her beauty sleep. I will tell you all about my day tomorrow okay? ”

“Okay darling good night ” she yawned.

” I love you my princess”

” I love you more” she giggled before the call disconnected.

Staring at her ceiling in the dark, with the sleep now gone kemi battled  with different thoughts.

“How could she allow herself feel for kunbi after everything? No! It’s not love just friendship she encouraged herself. She was in love with Jack! Her sweet sweet accountant Jack.
She shut her eyes and drifted to sleep but that didn’t stop her from dreaming. Dreaming about Saturday and her date with Kunbi.

To be continued …



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