Another shot at love (part 6)


“Shall we?” Kunbi beckoned her.

We shall” she replied smiling as she took his outstretched hand, allowing him lead her out of the car.
Right from the moment he picked her up, Kunbi acted so ” gentlemanly”, opening the door for her, holding her hands, casting intense yet sweet looks at her, kemi was enjoying every bit of the date or “catching up outing” as they decided to call it.
The garden Kunbi picked out was beautiful, very green and colourful with beautiful flowers. The grasses were trimmed and as they approached a tree, she saw the lovely picnic he had set up underneath it.
A beautiful pink and blue mat was spread out and had a basket on it, a bottle of wine and two glass cup sat beside the basket.
” This is beautiful” kemi blurted out in awe.
“You think?” Wait till you see what’s in the basket kunbi replied as he took a spot on the mat and opened the basket.
In that moment, kemi realised that  he was remaking one of their picnics as children. Usually his mum and her’s  will  be discussing somewhere leaving them to play scrabble or monopoly.

“Remember how I use to beat you at monopoly?” Kemi  teased him.

“You mean this game?” He said bringing out the set from the basket.

“Kunbi!” Kemi said laughing I can’t believe you did all these.

“It was worth it you know” he looked at her with a stare that was filled with emotions.

“So you haven’t told me about yourself and what has changed” she said breaking the moment as they started playing the game and sipping wine.

Kemi listened intently as kunbi told her  all about leaving the company he worked with to head his father’s company , about law school with Tracey and all the hilarious incidence.  Finally he spoke About his girl friend.

“How is she ?” She asked very interested.

“She is beautiful, working with Nestle, sweet, very supportive, she can cook, and can be very religious you know”

“Wow! Kemi said laughing” I think we have got ourselves the best woman. Yippy!!

” yeah” he said not sharing in her  excitement.

” so what is the but Kunbi?” She asked observing his mood.

Kunbi looked at kemi blankly for a minute before speaking ” she is not you Kemi”

“Kunbi please don’t!”

” kemi look at me ” he insisted and when she did, he continued.
” I have been in love  with you since we were in school and I wanted to tell you during lunch, when we went for that easter trip, when we almost kissed and on prom  night.. Kemi I wanted to tell you”

Her heart was racing now “you wanted too, why didn’t you? Instead you asked Trisha out! Do you know how hurt I felt?” She blurted ignoring the restraint she felt within.

” I didn’t know you felt the same way Kemi” Kunbi sat up and tried to touch her hand ” the fact is, I am still in love with you kemi after all these years.

Kemi moved her hand just before Kunbi could touch her because she knew if he did she would melt at his touch especially with the way she felt.

  ” I am engaged kunbi” kemi snapped.
Kunbi blinked gingerly and for a minute he was completely quiet as  if trying to process what she said. He opened his mouth to say something but the words didn’t come out.

“Please can you take me home” kemi said rising to her feet. “It’s getting late”

Kunbi followed behind her after he had quickly packed up the basket.

The rest of the drive was quiet. Just the light sound of the engine filled up the space between them.
Kemi was deep in thought and confused.

‘He didn’t even say anything. At least he should have commented.” She thought, the silence was killing her.
Kunbi on the other hand was thrown of balance by kemi’s admission however he was not shaken.
‘I have lost her before and I am not going to let that happen again. Engaged or not I love Kemi” Kunbi thought just before he pulled up at her house and stepped out to open the door for her.

The night was cool and dark except for little stars shining above.
He pulled the basket from the back sit and handed it to her
” I prepared a meal for you and since we didn’t get to eat it I guess you can microwave it and eat it later.

” Thank you” kemi whispered just before taking the basket from Kunbi

“Kunbi please can you just tell me what’s on your mind. You were quiet all through the journey. ”

” and so were you” he said defensively and sighed. “kemi I lost you before and I won’t loose you again. I made a lot of excuse before  and now I am not taking  any. I will wait or fight but I wont loose you” he looked intently at her while taking both her hands in his.
” please kemi don’t leave me” he whispered into her ears. His breath caressing her neck.
The chills immediately overwhelmed her.
” Kunbi..” She began but he cut her off.
“Shhh! ” Kunbi  said under his breath his face very close to hers.
“I  love you Kemi” was the last thing she heard him say as his lips touched hers.
So soft and warm. She kissed him back and he tasted like honey or sweeter.
Slowly, she dropped the basket she was holding and wrapped her arms around his neck as the kiss became intense.
Kunbi wrapped her waist with both hands and kissed her passionately enough to cover for all the years that separated them.
They were so connected like iron is to magnet, she never wanted the moment to fade.
Gently,he broke the kiss and pecked her lightly on her lips, then the tip of her nose and finally her forehead.
“Good night beautiful” he said.
” Good night” kemi said smiling as she made her way into the house with the picnic basket.
As she stepped in she heard laughters and happy chatters.
“Who could be around?” She thought as she walked to the dinning room and was caught in her track.
Right before her was Jack with her mum and dad talking and laughing. His white skin a sharp contrast with her parents dark complexion.
“Cherry cake” Jack called out to her as he covered the distance between them and pick her up in an embrace.

“I expected to see you at the airport but that’s not a problem your mum told me you went out with your friends”

” Jack you are here” she blurted out trying to hide her shock.

“Yes I am honey” he said smiling like a child “Remember  I was coming a week after you?”

“Yes baby! I could never forget that” kemi forged a smile. ” let me keep this is the kitchen” she said referring to the basket but as she walked away,  It dawned on her that not only did she forget Jack was coming in today, she didn’t want him to come again.

To be continued …



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    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate you for taking out time to check out my blog and reading through. It is really encouraging and right now I am working on the next part. Thank you again 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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