Another shot at love (part 7)


Kunbi was breathless when he entered his car. He couldn’t believe himself for kissing kemi. Not like he had not dreamt of doing so all his life but….
He blinked twice.

“She is perfect! Kemi is the woman for me and after kissing her? That just sealed it” he thought as he turned the ignition  and drove out of her house to his.
All through  the way home he replayed the scene over and over in his mind. It felt so real, he could still taste kemi on his lips.

As he drove into the compound of his apartment, he reached for the side compartment and Brought out a box containing a ring which he purchased only a week ago. He got it for his girlfriend Chioma in an effort to be serious with his relationship but after Kemi showed up he delayed his proposal and after the kiss tonight? he was going to exchange the ring for a more deserving one he would give kemi.
He felt a pang of guilt and pity for chioma but he thought about kemi and how much he messed up in the past.
“NO! Kemi is the only woman for me.” He said aloud not minding the fact that she was engaged to another.
Kemi was breathless.
With the kiss she shared with Kunbi and the arrival of Jack, her head was spinning. She couldn’t even get a minute to process it all as Jack was pressing on her with his perfect charm, her mum was talking wedding plans despite how much she hoped it was Kunbi in the picture… ” But Jack seems to be a gentleman as well” her mum said in a hush voice.
And Her dad? He asked her if the wedding was going to be in Nigeria or USA.

“So baby, my flight was smooth and wow! I can’t believe I really don’t have to wear a winter coat down here. It’s feels so good.” She heard Jack rambling on and on and then she discovered her mind was everywhere but with him.

‘I love Nigeria you know, but I love you more” he said as he pulled her closer to get a kiss.

” A kiss?”  Kemi was screaming inside. She really didn’t want a kiss from him.

“Ermm Jack? Please can I shower first and atleast change to something warmer” Kemi said easing herself away from Jack and embracing herself .

“Okay? Anything that makes you comfortable” he replied with a little bit of hurt.

As kemi  walked up to her room she felt bad. “Jack did nothing wrong. She was the big cheater here.” She thought to herself before turning to face Jack.

“I really did miss you baby and I am happy you are here” she tried to be sincere
Jack smiled broadly and blew a kiss at her which she caught with both hands and smiled back.
As she got into her room she locked the door and slid to the floor. Her head was spinning and the chills were back, crawling up her her arms and spine  but this time not for kunbi but from confusion.
She shut her eyes but that only intensified the voice in her head that screamed at her “CHEATER!”

To be continued …


Thank you for reading today :):)😁😚


8 thoughts on “Another shot at love (part 7)

      1. Yeah.. Hello! I’ve been busy trying to think up new recipes.. I have a new cocktail and a lamb dish! Kemi is in a dilemma and a half!! I will read the other part soon..

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