Another shot at love (part 8)


They sun was up and bright as tiny little light rays stole into her room, piercing the darkness.
She opened her eyes and stared at the window for a couple of minutes as thoughts of last night’s event flooded her mind..
Kunbi and Jack or Kunbi or Jack?
She was confused because she loved them both. Who would have thought that her lonely self would ever be in such a fix. Jack has always been there for her but Kunbi too was her childhood friend, her first crush and later her first love. He too has always been there even when she was away he sent multiple emails to her.
It was easy to just let herself to fall for kunbi but she couldn’t bear hurting Jack. She shut her eyes again as the room door opened and Jack walked in. He looked concerned and had a cup of coffee for her.
“Morning ” he said as he settled on the bed beside her and brushed her hair back with the back of his hand.

“Hope you slept well” she asked

“No” he looked at the window for a few seconds before he looked at her again “I am worried!”

“What about” she yawned as she sat up

” I don’t know” he handed the cup to her “I have arrived just a few hours now but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I am loosing you or that something has changed between us” he looked at her intently with his hazel eyes as if looking into the depth if her soul.

Kemi felt bad. Not guilty but terribly bad. What was she thinking? She was definitely in love with the Sweet handsome young man before her. All the sacrifices he has made for her, all the times he was there to support her and tell her everything was fine when she felt broken in school.

“Has anything changed between us kemi?” He asked looking  burdened.

“No! No Jack nothing as changed” she replied sincerely as she reached for his hand and intertwined his fingers with hers.  “I love you Jack. It’s you I am in love with” she said aloud as if reassuring herself.

“I  will hate for anything to change between us kemi. We are perfect together, you complete me and I love you so much” Jack said with so much emotion.
“Kemi you are..” he began before she caught him off with a kiss. She kissed him deeply to remind herself that Jack was her reality and he was the one she loved. When she broke the kiss she looked at him in the eye ” nothing has changed Jack, nothing!”

The day passed smoothly with breakfast with Jack and her parents, after which she watched Nigerian  movies with Jack and an evening stroll. All along she ridded  her mind off anything Kunbi but before she could completely say he was out of her mind he called her
” kemi, please can I see you?”

” what for Kunbi” she asked sternly.

” I need to talk to you”

”  I am listening”

” not on the phone”  Kunbi

” I am sorry I can’t. I..”

” Chioma and I are no longer together” he said cutting her off”

” what? what happened ” she was shocked
“I will tell you about it please just meet me”


After he had given her the address she hung up and pleaded with Jack and her mum  before she took one of the cars out .
The weather was getting Cold as night approached.
Kemi threw a jacket on as she headed out wearing a blue Jeans trouser and sandals without bothering to brush her or look at a mirror.

” what happened Kunbi” she asked as soon as she got to the restaurant.

“Calm down and sit please”
he said as he eased her to a chair. She allowed him to lead her before she looked at him anxiously.

” kemi you are so beautiful and growing up with you made the best part of my life.”
She smiled. ” thank you. But what happened with chioma?”

“I ended the relationship” Kunbi said

“What? Why?”

” because she is not you, because I am in love with you and not her. Because I want to spend the rest of my life with You, because I made a mistake 5 years ago that I wouldn’t make it again. Because I know you are engaged but Kemi” Kunbi took her hands in his as he looked deeply into her eyes and she caught his.

“I just don’t want to let you go, not now, not in a million years God help me”

Kemi’s mind was spinning, she loved kunbi, she had always loved him… she was in love with him even

“Kunbi ..” She opened  her mouth to speak but was cut off as kunbi went on one knee and Brought out a box with the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen.

“OluwaKemi Balogun, will you marry me?”
Tears were running down her cheeks now. People at the restaurant stood up and began clapping, cameras were out and some people were covering the whole thing.

Without paying attention to the people  around she looked at the man kneeling before her, the man she had always loved and her heart soared

“Please say something , I am getting nervous kemi”

“Yes!  yes I will. I will Marry you ” kemi said with so much joy and kunbi quickly enveloped her in a hug and a passionate kiss.

A few persons congratulated them and she could not but notice the the joy that enveloped him… no! Not just him but Both of them because she was his and he was hers.

Later that night, he followed her to her car and pulled her close to himself.

“Thank you for making me the most happiest  man”
She laughed and kissed him again and again not wanting to leave him or loose the way she felt in his arms.

“I don’t want you to go but it’s getting late”

“I know” she grumbled

“I will talk to you later okay.. love you sweetness”

” I love you too baby” she replied as she got into her car and drove off. She was ecstatic at the turn of event but could not shake off the deep knot she felt in her guts.

She did not want to hurt Jack but as it was, she had hurt him.

To be continued…

I want to use this opportunity to wish my elder sis a very Happy Birthday. I love you so very much. May God make your path shine brighter and brighter.




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