Another shot at love (part 9)


Kemi strolled to the kitchen the next morning to grab a glass of water only to meet a broken Jack at the dinning table.
“Morning Jack” she said happily as if nothing had changed, as if she didn’t have kunbi’s engagement ring on her finger instead of Jack’s. She had thought right before sleeping that Jack might not notice the difference in the ring since they both had a big diamond stone.
“Is it the same Kunbi” Jack asked ignoring her greeting.

“what? ” kemi turned to face Jack and found his eyes red and his face turning pink in Anger. “What do you mean Jack” her voice trembled.

“Is it the same guy that you said hurt you?”
Kemi was quiet.

“Answer me! ” Jack screamed

“Where is this coming from?” Kemi asked raising her shaky voice. she had never seen Jack that angry before.

” From this” he snapped as he dropped her phone loudly on the glass table.

“While you were sleeping your phone rang non stop and a text came in from Kunbi.” Jack said his voice low almost to a whisper. ” I guess my curiosity got the better of me. He said you have made him the happiest man and can’t wait to..” Jack voice broke off and he looked away.
Kemi was shaking as tears rolled down her eyes. She could see how badly she had hurt Jack and that broke her.

“Do you still love him” Jack asked in a whisper But his voice still quaked.
Kemi stood still, crying and unable to answer his question.
Jack eyed her carefully before he smiled

“well that answers my question” 

He started for the guest room and as he passed kemi he stopped. ” I am not going to hang on! I love you with all my heart but I guess that is not enough.” He paused “I wish you a happy life with him.” He continued walking then stopped again and said “oh and nice engagement ring kemi”
As she heard the guest room slam, kemi crumbled to the ground and cried, her little body trembling with each sob. She stayed that way crying until her mum found her and embraced her.
“Tell me all about it sweety” her mum said drying her tears.

Kunbi  got to kemi’s house just as Jack was getting into a cab and for a few seconds they held each others gaze.
Each wondering what was on the other’s mind.
Jack got into the cab which drove away as kunbi walked briskly into the house.
The house looked oddly familiar, the way the furnitures were, even the familiar scent of lavender and rose all brought childhood memories to kunbi. He brushed them aside and headed straight for kemi’s room.
As he entered the room he found her on the bed, staring into space her eyes read and puffy from crying .

“Are you okay baby” he asked  reaching her side.

” Jack left” kemi replied before another wave of sob overwhelmed her.

‘Shh! It’s okay” Kunbi patted her until she stopped crying.

” You mum called me and told me about all that happened” he paused and looked at kemi.

” I never wanted to get between you and your fiance  I guess I was too selfish that I didn’t consider the fact that you could be in love with another”

Kemi kept her eyes fix on a spot on her bed as she listened.

” so kemi, I love you with all of me but if your heart is for Jack then there is nothing I can do.  I had my chance and I blew it so It won’t be fair to take jack’s even if I don’t want to loose you.”

He looked at her and when she didn’t say anything or look at him in return, he bent and kissed her on her forehead.

” Good bye kemi”

To be continued …


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