Another shot at love (part 10)


Kemi needed to breathe
That was all she needed! Space, time and air to breathe and so she went out to the field she always went to with kunbi  when they were kids.
Her life was so complicated now, she Knew coming back to Nigeria meant facing kunbi and all her past emotions but she didn’t think things will play out this way.
She walked over to a swing and sat on it allowing her legs to dangle to the ground. The afternoon was cool despite the sun blazing above her.

“Jack was the sweetest guy she had ever known, very romantic and loving.
Kunbi too was sweet and romantic. She was in love with them both.”

Tears stug at her eyes and she let them flow lazily on her cheek. Her fingers clutched tight to the iron of the swing when she felt a rough scribbling on it.
She wiped eyes and sniffed as she tried to read the scribbling. It looked faded indicating it had been there for years.
She leaned for a closer look and read the words aloud.

“I love Kemi with my heart signed kunbi”
She read it again and again tracing each word with her finger.

” He must have done this many years ago. Probably when we were kids” kemi thought and then it hit her. She was In love with them both but she knew what her heart wanted.
She was going straight after Jack.


Kemi rushed into the hotel and requested from the reception Jack’s room, after explaining to them that she was his fiancee.
By the time she got to his door she discovered she couldn’t breathe not from the flight up but because she was nervous.
As Jack opened the door, kemi threw her arms around him.

” I am sorry Jack” Kemi blurted out

“You are so amazing and you have always been there for me. Jack you are the man of my dreams”

She broke the hug and looked at him in the eye ” I love you Jack, so much”

“But you are in love with Kunbi” Jack said reading her expression.

Tears had started running down her cheeks again as she nodded ” I never meant to hurt you, because you have been so good to me, loving all of me including my flaws but…” She broke off and Jack pulled her into an embrace.

” I understand kemi, it’s okay. Just follow  your heart okay?”

Kemi sniffed and smiled. “I guess this does not belong to me anymore “she said as she gave him his ring back. “I pray you meet someone more deserving of it than me”

Jack nodded before he pecked her on her forehead.
“Good bye kemi”

Kemi was happy the situation with Jack was over. Jack was so understanding about it and the event turned out to be less dramatic than she thought it would be. However she needed to get to kunbi the only man that made her tommy do a flipflop.  She hurried quickly to his office only to be told that he didn’t show up so she rushed to his house.

“Kunbi” kemi called as got into his beautiful house.
She ran upstairs and opened several doors but there was no clue of where kunbi was. he was no where to be found.

Kunbi couldn’t get out of  bed that morning. He was weak after everything that had happened.
He was trying to move on from Kemi but it was so hard. He had waited for her for year and when he thought he finally had her she wanted Jack. The morning was cold and he could feel the cold right underneath his blanket.
Slowly, kunbi got out of bed, made a cup of coffee and went to sit at his back yard facing the pool.
Sadness clouded him like a thick curtain. It was not until 3 pm kunbi got back inside and heard his kemi.

“Kemi?” He called after her. She was just about to leave through the front door.
“Kemi wait!” Kunbi called again and immediately kemi saw kunbi she ran toward him and hugged him.

“I choose you” she said “I choose you kunbi. It has always been you”
She looked at him straight in the eye “My first and last love”

Kunbi cupped her face with his hands and  wiped the tears that fell on her cheek with his thumb.
“My first and last love” he said to her and took her left hand in his, planting a kiss on the finger that wore his ring.

Then he looked into her eyes “pick a date because I can get married to you today”

Kemi laughed “I love you kunbi”

“I love you so much kemi” he said blinking back tears of joy. “God! I love to much?”

“Yeah okay. shut up and kiss me already she said laughing.
Kunbi kissed her and scooped her in his arms and in his arms she would stay forever.


Thank you for reading R
emember that the love of God is never changing and never ending (Isaiah 54:10 ) ..Make the right choice today by Choosing Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. God bless



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      1. Awwwn thank you so much. Actually I have a wattpad account were I am writing it into a book with more details and more interesting scenes. If you are on wattpad I could send you the link. Thanks a lot again

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