Another shot at love (an epilogue )


Jack walked into the airport wearing a dark glasses and a brown shirt on a brick red pants. His skin shone in the early day sun as he dragged his box behind him to his sit.
He didn’t expect his trip to be cut short the way it did.
Two weeks ago he was engaged to be married to a beautiful and amazing woman he was in love with.Today, he was a single man heading back to his country to pick up the life he had before he met kemi.

Chioma was devastated after the break up with kunbi. She had moved to her friend’s house and had cried her eyes out for days

“you know I think he was going to propose, he was getting really committed to our relationship before kemi came back and the rest was end of my relationship with Kunbi” Chioma said before another round of sobs overwhelmed her.

“Common chioma for how long will you continue like this? Her friend said pulling off the covers that she used to wrap herself. “Yes you loved him but common it’s time to move on. It’s been two weeks already”

“Leave me alone ” Chioma snapped at her friend.

“No I won’t” her friend stood her ground, determined to get her out of her misery. “Atleast go and meet you sister at minnesota eh?”

And that was how she found herself in the airport, on her way to minnesota to meet her elder sister for the  new year celebration.

She took her sit at the airport waiting area for her flight to be announced, barely noticing the handsome white guy that sat beside her.

Two weeks ago she was engaged to be married to a handsome and amazing man she was completely in love with. Today, she was single going to another country to pick the life she left behind before she met kunbi.

She carefully brought out her phone and sent a quick message to her friend but as she tried to put her phone back in her bag,  her international passport and boarding pass fell to the ground.
She reach it the same time as the gentle man beside her and their fingers touched.

” thank you ” Chioma said looking at the handsome young man and immediately noticed his beautiful hazel eyes.

“Sure thing miss” he replied with such sweet British accent that made her hand go cold.

“And who told you I am a miss” she said in a flirtatious tone.

“Just a guess” he said.
“So You are?”  He asked stretching his right hand to her.

“miss chioma” she said taking his hand and fell in love with the warmth she found in them.

“Ow so I  was right” he smiled revealing a perfect white set of teeth.

“Yes you were Mr? ”

“Jack! ” he said ” nice to meet you”

“Same here” she replied

“So where are you heading to?”

“Minnesota? Ehh I am going for the new year.”

“Wow! This is crazy so am I ” Jack said excitedly.

“You are going for the new year too?”

“Yes… not really I stay there. I came to Nigeria for..” Jack paused “anyway long story my trip was cut short so here I am”

Chioma laughed “my trip was just a last minute decision as well you know”

Jack and chioma spelt the whole waiting time talking and getting to know each other.
By the time their flight was announced they walked together to the boarding gate laughing and deep in their conversation…

Who knows what the future holds for the two of them!

Sometimes we fall in love in strange circumstances and with people we never imagined we could possibly fall in love with. Sometimes, the people we love might disappoint or break our hearts but you know what? It’s not the end of world. Soon you will meet your soul mate and realise you were knocking on the wrong door all along.



21 thoughts on “Another shot at love (an epilogue )

  1. Ha! I thought you might do something like this! Well there might just be a silver lining for Jack as well as Chioma!! I’ve got to say, living in England, English men are not as charming or handsome as you describe Jack.. They’re quite ugly actually!!

    1. Hahahahah! Ow so I am quiet predictable huh? Lool and well, I guess some of them are charming with their sweet accent! Heheh! I still believe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But I have actually seen English men to die for in movies. 😀😀😊. Thank you mariposaoro you are the best

      1. Hahaha!! If you said Antonio Banderas, then I’d agree with you! Maybe because I see so many English men.. Who are a bit stale, unkempt and rude.. No lie.. Maybe I should travel to another part of England to see a different side..if you even said American men, I’d say OK.. Have better manners,better hygiene and more mature..

      2. Nah.. Grew up around Nigerian people, love the films, and people.. My family are Jamaican, with some Hispanic background (maternal side).. It would be good to visit the motherland!

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