LUCY (my perspective)


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I watched the movie Lucy and I think it’s a wonderful film.
But while others might look at it as “just another great science – fiction, I viewed the film in another light.

My perspective
Knowledge is power as it was displayed in the movie. Lucy was able to remember everything she had every felt and every one memory she didn’t even know she had. 
She called her mum and told her “thank you for all the love, all the thousands of kisses you and dad gave me”

She also mentioned something about remembering the sounds her bones made when they grew. She was in touch with the universe and the way it turned, the way the tide moved, the way cells moved in a tree. She could see call conversations as thousands of ropes hanging from the sky.
She could control electronics and knew just what someone was doing at a particular time. Isn’t that just amazing??

In Genesis, bible tells us that after the serpent tempted Eve and Adam, they knew they were naked. Meaning they unlocked their brain capacity to a certain level. Maybe to the 10% we all use now and look at what we have used that percentage to do?
Both good and bad inventions! People can change their sex from male to female and from a female to a male which I think is just very wrong!
We have invented guns, missile weapons, bombs which we use in killing ourselves. We have also used our 10% capacity to create breakthroughs in transportation, health, academics etc.

Now let me ask the same question a student asked the professor in the movie
“What would happen when we use up to 100 percent?”
According to the movie Lucy could do many incredible things, she could appear and disappear from places, she could make people float in the air, she could diagnosis an illness as well as the cure and she could travel back in time to the beginning of creation
” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of the Lord was hovering over the waters ” Genesis 1:1-2 (NIV)


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She absorbed all the knowledge in the world and when she reached 100% of her brain capacity she vanished.

One thing that inspired me to write this post was when the police guy asked ” where is she?” And his phone received a text message. It said “I am everywhere”

I realised that God exists for real  and why we think he doesn’t simply because we can’t see him is not an excuse to the fact that he is actually everywhere! 😬 No wonder he is called the “omnipresent God”.🙆🙌🙏

God exist and he is everywhere, watching us, healing our diseases, protecting us and the whole earth simultaneously.
Isn’t he just great? ;)😆:mrgreen::)

In conclusion, God has a reason for limiting our brain capacity! One reason is because our human body is not capable of containing such power. That is also why bible tells us that we will be transformed to be like him when he comes In rapture.

Secondly, imagine the level of evil in this world if we all operated on let’s say 60% am sure the earth will just explode and disappear.
I really enjoyed the movie and I hope you too will (If you haven’t watched it)
I also hope you enjoyed this post explaining my views of the movie. Thank you for reading. 😙😍😚🙌🙋😁:mrgreen::D


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