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Hello everyone!

I have been off WordPress for a while, the reason being that I was feeling discouraged. I felt I was writing and writing with no one or only a few people reading. It was really sad! I was going through a phrase I am sure some of us have been through when you wouldn’t have anything to write on.

Anyway, I talked to my friend Nicole who is an amazing blogger about it and she told me how she quit blogging 4 different times because she was discouraged. She told me how she changed her blog name several times and even one time she didn’t even have a blog name 😁😂. Now that made me laugh!

So I summoned courage and posted something I called “Lucy- My perspective”. I was blown away by the response from bloggers. I was so happy I was smiling all day.  Last I checked, the post had 16 likes and about 8 comments which is a whole lot. Thank you!



  I checked a couple of my readers/ folowers blogs and tried to catch up on the posts I missed and I had a wonderful time. You all are just too amazing.  I want to also thank Yosiko who posted one of my quotes on his blog and re blogged my post :mrgreen::mrgreen:.  I was so touched, Thank you. I also want to thank pearl for her lovely comments😆, my new friend mariposaoro for her lovely recipes and frequent visits😄:D. For another beautiful writer thrillofbliss.😙😘😗 my dearest friend.
Finally to my everyday, every time supporter sunehri. 😘😙😙
In fact you all ( am sorry of i didn’t  mention your blog, you are all very special) have been amazing and I love you all.

I dedicate Bruno Mars “you can count on me” to all of you.



12 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. aaawww I am really happy you didn’t quite blogging because the world would be missing out on your great posts…..glad to have you back 🙂 🙂

  2. Ahhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please o, you are the one who encouraged me to keep blogging and even pursue bigger things.
    I guess it is true what they say- ”When you encourage others, there will always be someone to encourage you when you need it”.

    1. Awwn thank you so much sis. This comment has brought so much joy to my heart. God bless you and deep down in my heart I am so happy that charmantworld encouraged greaterthanrubies at a point in time 😀😁☺😘

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