Hiii there! I was norminated by my amazing friend Ahava for this brilliant 3days quote challenge.


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The rules:
1) Thank the blogger that norminated you.
2 ) Share your favourite quotes for 3 days.
3) Norminate other bloggers for the challenge.

So my first day quote is one of mine.


Never live a worthless life. Remember  your legacy is very important, not just the legacy but a POSITIVE legacy . A Rose flower can be know for two things either as “the beautiful rose that blossomed and shared its beauty or “it could be known for its thorns”. The choice is all yours to make. Make the right one. Be kind to people, be honest, have your principles and stand by them, respect others and respect yourself.

Finally happy Sunday and happy  Father’s day to all wonderful father’s out there! Most especially to my very special daddy, I love you so much :)😙:D:mrgreen:


Ow! and I Norminate all my amazing bloggers to take up  this challenge and show the world your light. One love :mrgreen:😘💟💜



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