Quote challenge Day 3


Before anyone enters into any business, he/she must determine how profitable the business will be and If it is worth undertaking.
Same thing applies here. It is not just enough for you to desire to make a change, you must consider the opportunity and so many other factors that will make your change effective.

I was elected president of my department in school and it was so amazing. However, like other presidents I want to make a significant change in the improvement of the department.. so far, I have taken out time to consider a lot  of things, like what others before have done well and what they didn’t and I have also taken out time to draft a schedule I will strictly adhere to.

What i am saying in  essence is that,  everyone wants to be remembered for something but it takes more than the desire. It takes your diligence, courage, discipline and action to make it work. So today start making a New Change,  start leaving foot prints that will stick and not fade.



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