The person within


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“Last week I watched a vampire movie with my sister. I can’t remember the name of the movie, but it was an old school movie, about a “fine boy” vampire who moved into a peaceful neighbourhood, lured girls over and fed on them.
There was this scene that showed clearly the “fine boy” vampire transforming from his “fine boyness” to his vampire state.
All the beauty disappeared. I was amazed at how such a fine boy could harbour an ugly creature in him.
And it hit me! You don’t have to be a vampire, to home ugliness in you.
Your character lives in you. It manifests when it is triggered. In the vampire’s case, triggered by blood, in our case, by circumstances around us.
Your characters are the moral or mental qualities distinctive to you.

Think for a minute, what dwells in you? Ugliness or beauty.
Are you a vampire in disguise?

Written by Deborah Motilewa.  For more details and inspiration from her follow the link. Thank you!

Inspiration with Debbie
Inspire, Connect and Develop



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