My Escape


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Trapped between the silence of the cool evening and flipping pages of a novel, I have found  a novelty of peace.

It is a place of solitude.
My tower of refuge, where I can chase the wind and fly after the beauty of a world I haven’t come to know.

Right there between the pages, I relish the beauty of told words of writers, smell the crisp of the paper and the serene wisp sound of each flip.

If the words I read can translate to reality I will be transformed from the inside out.

If my temporary escape can turn to forever, it will be blissful! maybe I won’t be so incorrigible.

So I search for the adventure I cannot undertake.
I Think and create the  wonder I want.. My own fantasy…
Who knows they could turn to reality someday but for today, it is just a page after another.



17 thoughts on “My Escape

      1. oh no I wonder what’s going on? Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it!

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