My Redemption


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It was the darkness I saw
Black and devouring,
Fearful and distressing
I blinked twice, then once more but was met by the same confusing darkness.

My heart craved for a release,
I wanted the comfort I once had.

I was falling into an abyss.
I was lost!
I was bitter!
My heart craved the light I was sure I won’t see.

Knowing you was an adventure
Crazy, fun filled adventure.
I was young and willing to explore,
Willing to test the limits I didn’t have.

You were so generous In satisfying my ever hungry appetite for more.
You were the sin that snatched me from the truth I was born to know.
The evil that made me forsake my first love that died on the cross!

Now enslaved by you, hope is far, salvation is no more a gift but at the cost of my life.

It was your mercy that I saw.
Like ice on my scalded lips
Like ointment to my cuts.
You ignored my flaws,
Forgave my mistakes
Wiped away my sins.

You loosened the grip darkness had over me and wiped clean my slate.
You showered me unconditional love so that I was broken no more.

It was you Jesus that saved me from the darkness of sin



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