About the Future!



The loud humming of the engine was the reminder that I was on a bus.
I had to take the bus everyday, morning and evening and I hated it! I couldn’t really blame anyone for that, it was totally my fault! I did not learn how to drive (not yet ) and let’s face it, I couldn’t have my mum or dad dropping me off at the Refinery where I was interning.

I glanced at the little boy sitting opposite me, he couldn’t be more than 5 years old and he sat happily on the metal of the bus I was certain was hot. His hair had been cut to skin, same skin that was berry black and pale.

I studied him carefully and for once I was distracted from my worrying thoughts  of how I regretted wearing a coffee brown waist length blazer over a black crop top with a straight black pants. I steadied the association lapel I had pinned to the blazer, wondering how I would get off the bus without my skin showing. If it did show, I was sure to get disapproving looks from the two elderly women who were sitting beside me. Looking at the boy, it was no longer about me and my cropped top but the little boy that sat opposite me clutching to a sachet water.
He turned and lock eyes with mine, his were bloodshot. He smiled at me revealing a set of small teeth that had the 4 front incisors missing. I couldn’t help but smile back at this little child. He held my gaze before he turned back to his mum to talk to her.

I wondered! In 30 years from now, this boy could become the governor or president and he would not remember this moment, he would not remember the sachet water or how hot and uncomfortable the bus metal was. He would not remember the fashion conscious lady that smiled at him or even the scanty population of the bus. NO! He would be the man who has alot of responsibilities leading right or the man stealing the nation’s wealth. I wanted to make the decision for him so badly, I wanted him to remain the innocent child but it was not in my place.
Instead, I braved up and got off the bus quickly avoiding facial contact with the women in the bus. I walked away from the boy and the bus but now I was deciding for myself, my future and how I wanted it to turn out.


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