Broken to beautiful


Born into a cold world,
I was blanketed by pain
Grief nurtured me
And desertion my folk.

I was deep in a despair I never knew existed because I never realised what happiness was
I never understood the power of a smile because Mine?  It was upside down and that was all I lived with.
It was normalcy,
My crying a routine
Betrayal was all I knew of the word friendship.

But today,
The Grey sky is blue
My pain replaced with an odd feeling,
Odd because I have never felt it before
A feeling so strange yet overwhelming and satisfying
I think it’s Joy.
My once broken heart has been mended with love
Your love!
Kind, simple and perfect…
My tears no longer trail sadness
but awe of the fact that such peace existed
Such perfection I have only come to know.

So I look back at my dark path
My forest of doom
The pit of hopelessness I was salvaged from,
And I smile!
I smile because its no longer my future but my story.
A tale to the world of how a once rejected stone became a corner stone.

Dedicated to all those who have experienced a terrible past. You are strong, you are amazing because perFECTion comes from deFECT. One Love! 🙂

Theme Song: Hillsong young free- Gracious tempest



8 thoughts on “Broken to beautiful

      1. Ooh.. That sounds a lot! Remember to play sometimes. Otherwise, zombie brain occurs! Chill with music etc. What uni year are you? And what are you studying?

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