Who she was



She was beautiful
She was fair
Spotless even like a new canvas ready to be painted on.
Her eyes glistened with innocence,
Like a new born baby naive to the sins of the world.
Maybe there was a lining of innocency to her
Maybe she was a saint even
But she could creep her way into your heart.
She was like a bitter sweet drink,
She was addictive.
You could never say no to her
Never say know to  her innocence.
Not until she finds her way to dominate you,
Dominate your heart, spirit, soul and body.
She was appealing,
Someone you want to claim!
Like a pricey trophy
But in the end, she will own you
Like one of her worthless toys.
It was her venom
It was her weapon
It was dangerous
But it was her beauty.

Happy independence day Nigeria. 55 years and counting…Be great!



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