The Importance of those moments


There are remarkable moments..

Those ones that will transform your life and there is nothing you can do to forget or change them. I am talking about those precious, silliest moments. I know you know what i am talking about..

For me my moments includes

  1. One time my best friend and i mimed a rap song ‘Kamakazi’ in class and people were passing and staring like “What the hell ?” and we were like ” yeah! we don’t care” LOL!
  2. Another moment is one time a very close friend of mine was crying and came to talk to me and i joined her in crying. We cried together and decided we were going to pray and guess what? we are both fine and closer for that.
  3. That wonderful 30 minutes one faithful Friday night, that i sat in the sitting room with my two elder sister in the dark and we laughed at my parents. My immediate elder sister just got into town that evening and I was leaving for school the next day. So that 30 minutes was brief but it was worth every second.
  4.  Ow! I remember that beautiful Saturday morning, that my cake icing session turned to a cake fight with my younger brother. We were covered with cake Icing by the time the cake was done- Hilarious!
  5. That peaceful moment my darling friend came to gist me something and i laid on her laps and drifted to sleep. I woke up alone, with the lights off and a warm duvet over my body yet when i recalled her sweet voice talking to me earlier, I was so glad.
  6. Those  little 2 second pecks I steal from my dad and those wonderful ‘meal tasting’ session with mum in the kitchen… our Saturday and Wednesday morning devotions too hahahaha!
  7. My worship time with Jesus.. so blissful and natural!

These moments are little, short, but perfect. These cherished moments and more have made me into the woman i am, they have giving me purpose and served as a drive to keep going…

Do you understand those moments now? create your memories, those long stares, stolen glances, heart felt talks and jokes. They are treasures cos we don’t know how much time together we have left.



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