He said “call me friend”
I looked up with teary eyes and immediately caught his glassy eyes. Just like ice yet it was warm and comforting.
With outstretched hands,  he offered me a hug.
“No!” I backed away.  “I could never trust another friend. Not after all the hurt”
“forget it all and let’s start afresh.  I am the friend that will never leave you”

“Call me provider”  he whispered.
I looked up with my weary and scarred face to behold the most handsome man ever.
He offered me a smile and an Outstretched hand.
“take it” he said when I didn’t attempt to “you won’t starve with me”

” I am your healer” his soothing voice washed over me calming my weary bones and sickened flesh.
“Could you be real?”  I asked
“yes I am and I love you” he said confidently.
“why?  I am not good enough”
“You are beautiful, you are smart,  you are the head and not the tail, you are perfect” He reassured me and I knew I had found my peace.

Jesus is our peace!




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