It’s all about FAITH



Last night was one of ‘those nights’ for me. ‘Those nights ‘when you wonder why life is just the way it is, why things are difficult and not going according to plan. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, so i went to bed with one prayer- that God should have his way and help me to trust him and his plans. This morning, the word of God in the service was faith and on my way back to my room i heard someone playing a beautiful song by Brit Nicole. I realized  i had that same song so i rushed into my room and searched my laptop. There it was- the song! The song that was the answer to my worrying heart.


A big thank you to my friends who were there for me- you know yourselves.. “you are one in a million or should I say two in a million”
Happy Sunday and happy new month. OR as my friend said happy new MB

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