If I could run away, I will run to Paris

and leave all my feelings behind.

I will just wander through the streets

and scream from the top of the Eiffel tower.

If I could fly, like an eagle,

I will fly to the highest mountain,

leaving all my troubles in the valley.

where no one will see them,

because I don’t want to face them either.

If i could dive,

Splash! I will  take a deep breath and jump into the Atlantic

to see the beauty of the marine world

without having a single care in the world.

because I need an escape!

I need to varnish only to reappear later like the eclipse.

I am looking for an adventure no one seems to get!

I am looking for a haven..

So where is my shooting star?

A little genie lamp or a single candle light,

upon which i could call my fantasies to life.

Where is my shooting star?



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