My Anger Towards Us “Christians”

I woke up to this post and I feel it is the truth that deserves to be heard. So read, enjoy it and meditate on it. It is a wake up call to us all.

inspired Grisele


Before you start fussing keep reading

I constantly here us say that” the Church is like a hospital that takes in the physically, emotionally, financially and socially sick people” some say “it’s not a place for perfect people but for the imperfect trying to be perfect” Great!

The truth is without the Church there will be a big vacuum in the world and we know nature aborts vacuum

Now this is why I am angry. I am not holier than though before you start judging. I am not God yet I am a god #likebegetslike. I am not judging yet I have the mind of Christ.

We are so much at ease in Zion #dangerous. We taking God and other Christians for granted. Trying to pressure marriageable single with the talk of “let’s take the relationship to the next level” talk to get them in bed before marriage, dressing humble…

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